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Our Grapes

We use only cold hardy grape varieties for our wines. Cold hardy grapes, such as LaCrosse, Marquette, La Crescent, and Petite Pearl are vital to Minnesota’s burgeoning wine industry. These resilient grape varieties, developed by the University of Minnesota, and private grape growers can withstand the state’s harsh winters with temperatures plunging well below zero. They thrive in Minnesota’s unique climate, producing unique and flavorful wines that have gained recognition for their quality. These grapes enable local vineyards and wineries to flourish, contributing to a diverse and vibrant wine culture in the region.

Our Wines

Wines crafted from our grapes offer a wide range of styles, from dry to sweet, each bottle showcasing unique and expressive flavors. These wines capture the essence of the resilient grape varieties, producing distinctive profiles that intrigue and delight the palate. Whether you prefer a crisp, dry finish or a luscious, sweet sip, there’s a cold hardy grape wine that perfectly complements every taste.